Divorce Mediation
for Milford, CT & Beyond

Divorce mediation is a perfect alternative for spouses who need to separate but prefer agreement to conflict. It is often considerably less expensive and much less stressful than engaging in courtroom battles. With guidance and assistance from an experienced divorce attorney, clients can control the pace and civility of the process. In some divorce and family law cases, it is possible to obtain a divorce without ever having to attend any court hearings, even when the family includes children.

At the Law Office of Gerald M. Gallant, LLC, our divorce attorney, Gerald Gallant has been a trained mediator since 1984 and has many years of experience in handling family law matters.

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Unfortunately, marriages don’t always work out, and if you and your partner have amicably decided to separate, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation gives couples a chance to come to an agreement on family, finances, and assets with the help of a trained divorce mediator. If you and your partner can negotiate the terms of your divorce without going to court, you will save yourselves a lot of stress.

Below are a few benefits of divorce mediation.

Saves Time: The purpose of divorce mediation is to finalize a divorce as swiftly as possible. When two parties can compromise on an agreement, you don’t have to worry about battling in the courtroom, dragging your divorce out longer than needed.

Saves Money: Lawyer and court fees can get pretty pricey, and when you go back and forth to court for weeks or months, you will have quite the bill on your hands. Divorce mediation is a more affordable option.

More Control: A divorce mediator will be able to clearly and effectively discuss your options and help you reach an agreement. Instead of having judges determine what you do and do not get, you and your spouse will have control over how your future will look.

Improves Communication: When your divorce involves lawyers and judges, the relationship between you and your partner will be significantly affected. Divorce mediation will allow you to co-parent better if you have children and let you leave on good terms or as friends.

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While divorce mediation doesn’t always work for everyone, it is an excellent option for those who want a quick divorce without the assistance of the court system. We will help you and your partner reach a separation agreement with our divorce mediation at the Law Office of Gerald M. Gallant, LLC.

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