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Milton, CT is a community within the town of Litchfield. It features numerous schools, homes, churches, and a former waterpower station. It is a quaint community that is home to many people and families. Our families mean everything to us. Unfortunately, relationships do not always last. Feelings change, people make mistakes, and situations change frequently. Despite committing to be with someone forever when you get married, that does not always happen.


Divorce is common throughout the United States. Some studies estimate that as many as half of all marriages end in divorce. When two people separate, it rarely goes smoothly. Most people are divorcing each other with intense emotions. This leads to fierce legal separations. Many fine details need to be ironed out before a divorce can be finalized. Doing these things on your own can be extremely difficult. Hiring a family lawyer to represent you and come to a final resolution with your soon-to-be former partner is always a good idea.

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The Law Office of Gerald M Gallant LLC is a divorce lawyer serving the Milton, CT area. Our attorney will always represent your best interests when it comes to your divorce. We know that the ending of a marriage can bring about strong emotions. By working with us, we will prevent any unnecessary interactions between you and your partner, protect your legal rights, and make the entire process go more smoothly. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!