Divorce Mediation for Oxford, CT

Oxford, Connecticut is a small town located to the northwest of New Haven, CT. Oxford is a rural area with beautiful woods, plenty of wildlife, and hiking trails. With a population of a little under 13,000 people, Oxford prides itself on its close community.

A disruption in your marriage can change how you see the world and the beautiful town around you. At the Law Office of Gerald M. Gallant, LLC we can take care of your divorce mediation so that you can focus on your new life. Negotiating a divorce can be a source of constant stress affecting your every waking moment until it gets resolved. Our divorce mediators can help.


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If you are in Oxford, CT or the surrounding area, reach out to our divorce mediators today. Divorce is a messy process, but our team makes the aftermath easier. Without a mediator you could be faced with stressful argument after argument. With the Law Office of Gerald M. Gallant, LLC involved, we try to resolve conflict as efficiently and effectively as we can. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.