Shelton, CT

The City of Shelton is situated in the western portion of Connecticut, deep in the heart of Fairfield County. Although the city’s economy started to decline in the 1970s, Shelton has shown excellent signs of growth since the turn of the millennium. Believe it or not, the local population has recently swelled to include more than 40,000 residents! Have no doubt, Shelton continues to welcome all sorts of new residents and burgeoning businesses on an annual basis.

The Law Office of Gerald M. Gallant, LLC recognizes the evolving nature of the Shelton community. Keeping this in mind, we’re constantly expanding our suite of legal services to suit the evolving needs of our local clients. Not only does our divorce attorney provide both mediation and family law services, but you can count on our legal team to handle personal injury cases and probate law. We take immense pride in offering a versatile form of counsel to our local clients.

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